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These people need to be shot on sight.

Ryan Greenberg, George Bush, Samdam Husshein, all freshmen especially Ryan Greenberg, people who dress up like anime characters,tree huggers,Osama Bin Ladin,Logan Roberts,Shane Thomson,Couch Agular, Mike Tyson,Joe Andreas,Vegeterains,hippies.


Jace Reed, Jaces brother Kyle,Pokemon Fans, Moneky Fuckers, Miami Dolphins & their fans, St. Louis Rams, Kenny Watson, Jorden Cheatam, all rappers except MC Chris, Totally Spies Fans, SD Gundam Fans, and boy bands and their male fans!!!
Mojave Jv Football Team, shoot those SOBs on site. They need to get rapped by AIDS infected monkeys and finnally after theyer dead they need to be burned at the stack to get rid of they're absolute gayness, which has plagued this planet for to long.


Note:This Section of my site is just a joke. This section is ment to be funny, and if anybody is affended by The Hit List I apoligize.

Total slaughter.
Total slaughter.
I won't leave a single man alive.

La de de da dide... Genocide.
La de da de dud... An ocean of  blood.
Let's begin the killing time.

^Sung by Vash the Stampede