Movie Script
  Drama Script by Matt Brannies and Erik Charboneau

Scene 1
*start with a view of 2 men fighting (hopefully sword fighting)
Narrator: everyone’s heard of it’s power, the legends of a single item said to rival the gods themselves… the keeper, a powerful kingdom, said to be the most honorable people alive.
*then is fades into some clouds and falls onto a castle, then zooms in and fades into a balcony, with curtains in the back ground with guards standing on either side of the curtains, one guard walks up
Guard 1: All citizens of the royal empire bow before his royal heinous, King Allen Dukes
*Guard stands to the side and some music plays, the king will walk out holding his arms out, welcoming the people of his kingdom, the bracelet on his right wrist.
King Allen Dukes: Greetings my loyal followers, I have come in front of you today to once again demonstrate our power!
*The king throws his arm into the air and the crowd cheers, then the guards drag out a struggling man, they soon restrain him and stand him up.
King Allen Dukes: This scum of a man, Mark Hamill has stolen bread from our beloved bakery! It is the royal family’s judgment that he be put to death by way of our holy Blade relic of the ages! It almost pains me to use such an item of power on this pathetic man, no, boy. But the law must be upheld, and we must show our power to all who appose us
*King Allen Dukes places his hand on Mark’s chest. The man struggles and the guards once again restrain him.
King Allen Dukes: For your crimes against the holy kingdom, you shale pay the price with your death.
*King Allen Dukes places his open palm on Mark’s chest, he starts to spasm then blood spreads from Marks chest. Mark falls and both guards pull him away. King Allen Blare pulls a handkerchief out and wipes his hand off, then turns to the crowd and raises the relic in the air. The crowd starts to cheer.
King Allen Blare: There you have it! Once again our power!, Remember that in life and death we shale prevail!
*fades to a man with a bit of an angry face ducking into a corner. He has richer cloths on as he slips into a nice home.
Drave Catbel: ahhh that sick king of ours, I have begun to hate him with all that I am, I dare not tell a soul for fear of the same fate that Mark Hamill suffered.
*Drave walks and sits in a chair as he looks to ponder.
Drave Catbel: It has come operant to me that I must get rid of that loathsome fellow, but how do I do such a deed…maybe if that relic that the kingdom has was gone the kingdom would fall…yes…Jinkens!!!
*Jenkins walks in dressed as a servant
Jenkins: yes Lord Catbel?
Drave Catbel: I want you to get…my follower… and tell him I need to see him as soon as possible
*Jenkins nods and bows
Jenkins: yes my lord.
Drave sits back and closes his eyes then it fades out. It fades back in and he is asleep, it’s now dark outside Drave wakes up to a noise outside his window then stands up and walk to the window, looking out he sees nothing then goes back to his chair, making it so it only shows the chair and nothing behind it. He closes his eyes then a voice comes from behind and the camera rolls out and shows a man dressed in black
Ninja: I have arrived
*Drave jumps up holding his chest
Drave Catbel: Ahh you scared me!
*ninja bows
Ninja: sorry lord
Drave Catbel: at any rate I am glad you’re here. I have a bit of a job for you… it will be hard, I want you…to steal the relic from the kingdom.
*Ninja seems a bit intimidated and kind of backs off towards the window
Ninja: I don’t think that would be the wisest thing, no fool would dare assault the kingdom!
*Drave smirks and moves a bit closer
Drave Catbel: yes! But think about it, you will be the one man that will take down an entire kingdom!
*ninja sits there unsure of what to do, seemingly pondering what to do
Drave Catbel: And I’ll pay you 50,000,000 Zen
*Ninja raises his head with an evil smirk and it cuts to him jumping out the window.

Scene 2

*goes rpg maker style as the ninja sneaks in and enters the thrown room then steals the bracelet soon after 2 people come from the side and then run off.
Servant 1: *walks into the kings library* “King Allen Dukes the Holy Blade relic of Ages has been stolen by a crafty ninja.”
King: *gets into a serious attitude* “Servant go forth and gather the Knights of the Crimson Moon, and report back to me.” *points at Servant 2* “you will stay here and say nothing of this that would bother your king”
Servant 1: *bows* “I understand my king” * walks out the door urgently*
King: *sits down and thinking deeply about the matter at hand*
(Camera looks at the servant 2)
Servant 2: *is looking down at the ground, then slowly raises his head looking towards the King* “My King what shall we do about this”
King: *stands up, pissed off* “How dare you speck to me your lord without being addressed” *picks up a book and throws it at the servant 2*
Servant 2: *backs into the corner with his head down* “im sorry my lord”
King: “Never speck to me again” *King sits down for a moment*
There is a knock at the door
King: *looks up to the servant, then waits for a moment* “Servant did you not hear that get up and answer the door before I put you to death”
Servant 2: *quickly bows and moves to the door and opens it*
As the servant opens the door, he is pushed down, as the Knights of the Crimson Moon walk in single file, as they move into the room they form in rows of 2 then at the end of it the leader walks in front of them. Servant 1 walks in right before the door closed and stands next to Servant 2.
King:*stands* “welcome Knights of the Crimson Moon, I have gathered you here for a important task, the Holy Relic of the kingdom has been stolen by a ninja of great skill and cunning. You all must go and find him and take back the relic before any body else finds out.”*looks at the 2 servants* “o ya you 2 all witness to this must be dealt with”
KCM: *moves to towards the Servants and in a blink of the eye the servants are on the ground died*
King:”Now go and search the forest for him, since that is the only place where he could go and hide. Now go and don’t come back without the Bracelet.”
KCM:”yes my king” *walk out of the room*
King:*sits down with a worried look on his face*

Screen 3 (In the Forest of Lost Hope)
KCM: *are walking through the forest in search of the ninja, in 2 rows of 3 with commander in front*
(camera enters view of ninja hiding in trees he is staring at camera)
Ninja: *throws a rock*
KCM:*leader of them points to the direction and they start to run in the direction of the sound*
Ninja:*moves behind one of the KCM 6 and snaps his neck*
KCM 5: *turns around and sees the Ninja killing his alley, pulls out his numchunks and starts warm up with an awesome show of skills* “In the name of the Kingdom prepare to die”
(show behind KCM5 and shows Ninja drawing his sword cuting KCM5)
KCM5:*falls to the ground and dies*
KCM: *form into a circle looking outward, drawing their weapons* (show shots of them)
Ninja:*is in the bushs, starts to pull out ninja star and throws it into one of the KCM 3neck*
KCM3:*is gasping for air as he slowly falls to the ground dieing*
KCM:*split into 2 groups groups and move around the forest in an attempt to* catch the ninja off guard*
KCM 1: *hears a sounds and runs to a bush, seeing an object in the bushes and thrust his sword into it and pulls the object outside the bush to relaize that it was his alley KCM 4* “HOLY SHEAT”
KCM 2:*Is walking around the forest with a chain in his hands*
Ninja:*jumps out from no where and trys thrusting his sword towards KCM2 body*
KCM2:*dodges and wraps his chain around his sword and starts swinging him*
Ninja: *holding his sword with only one hand swings foward and places his other hand on KCM2 chest and and activates the bracelet.
KCM2:*blood forms on his chest, his hands stay still and the chain starts falling off.*
(Camera looks at the bracelet and suddenly a sword goes and hits the bracelet. The bracelet breaks and falls to the ground.)
Ninja”*looks over and sees the leader of the KCM and jumps into the bushs*
Leader:*calls for the remaining of the KCM*
KCM 2:*walks over towards the leader*
KCM:*go back to back and look around for the ninja*
(Suddenly we lose sight of the KCM, then we return to see that KCM1 is on the ground died)
Leader of KCM:*grads the sword of KCM1 and takes the 2 halfs of the bracelet and does a quick prayer and starts walking off to a clearing*
Ninja:*is standing in front of the clearing with his hand*
Leader of KCM:*shakes his head and prepares to pull out his sword*
Ninja:*stares down at the lonely Knight* “once you are died and I have the bracelet again your kingdom shall fall and I will become legend, for I will be the one that defied all and became the man that forced immortal kingdom to bow down to me.”
Leader of KCM:*smirks* “by the Kingdom you are under arrest”
Narrator: The Legend of the Bracelet, When the Bracelet fell from this world the Kingdom of the Immortals fell from its grace as the most powerful nation in the world, and soon a rival kingdom from afar appeared and with its power destroyed the once mighty kingdom fell. Catbel while in the mist of the fall of the Kingdom fell victim to the invading armies. As for the King he made his grand escape into the forest of lost hope where he spent the remainder of his days hiding from the armies of the invading kingdom.

(Credits kick ass) Narrorator:
King Allen blare: Patric King
Servent 1:
Servent 2:
Drave Catbel: Erik Charboneau
Ninja: Justin Newfeild
KCM Leader: Matt Brannies
KCM 1:
KCM 2:
KCM 3:
KCM 4:
KCM 5: Mason Yohn
KCM 6:

Possible people to help:
Tony Ruiz
Chris Carstons
Shandra Mccollough
Steven Boyd
Harold King

(Credits......kick ass ^_^)