Erik Charboneau
Period. 5
Title: Frankenstein Essay

Frankenstein is a story of a man named Victor, who does the impossible, he brings to life an
inanimate being. Though he planed on presenting his creation to the world, as soon as his creation the monster came alive he became disgusted of it and ran away afraid of it. This starts a long line of Victor' child like behavior which ultimately leads to all his suffering and the deaths of many incident people throughout the story.

While Victor freaked out at the beginning of the monsters live, which could be understandable
based on the shock of its appearance, though while creating it he should have realized that his creation was going to be a sight none could stand, but back to the subject at hand, even after his panic from the appearance of the monster to release it on to the world was a mistake that can not be forgiven. This is some senses can be thought of as karma, that is Victor went against nature when making the monster, then to top things off became disgusted by it, and to finally push it to the limits Victor releases it to the world thinking nothing wrong will happen.

Unknown to Victor the monster is quiet human, feeling a sense of abandonment from his
creator, he goes around the country side learning from experiences, it runs into a house one day and creates a shelter and watches this family through a window, by this it slowly learns to speck the English language. It starts to talk to the old man that lives there, cause he can not see what it truly is, however over time the family finds out and they are all murdered. The monster with his rage returns to find Victorhis creator.
When the monster re-appears to Victor, he tell him that if he creates another monster that he
will leave him alone forever, if he does not his life will be an never ending hell. Victor tells the monster that his threats mean nothing to him, the monster becomes raged and the killing of many of Victors friends and family begin. This here is another sign of Victors child like mentality, first off by creating another he would at least be free from the monsters rage against him, and also by doing this the monster would have finally be free from the loneliness that it has and finally be able to live a life of joy. However Victor said no, thus continuing the betrayal of his own creation. Still even after this he does not others close to him about the attacks that may happen and such his brother is killed by the monster, so is his friend which then Victor is blamed for the death by witnesses that saw him at the crime scene. This continues to show the symbolism of karma in this story, Victory continues to make poor decisions, leading to more deaths and the destruction of his own sanity.
Thus at the end of this tragic story, when friends and family are now dead and he has become
an outcast of the world, does he then realize that all that has occurred was his fault, thus he finally takes responsibility for his actions. Though it is to late to stop the destruction that has been caused by his failure to stop the monster from the very moment it change into this world, thus the moral of this story is to first try not go against nature it can lead to bad events, and second if you make a mistake take responsibility for it, and fix it before it gets out of hand and leads to even greater mistakes in the future.