Love Hina Character Info

Keitaro Urashima

Name: Keitaro Urashima
Age: 20
Status: Thrid Year Ronin
Info: Wanting to go to Tokyo University, for a girl that he met 15 years ago.. they made a promise to each other that they will go to Tokyo U together and live happily ever after. He thought it was Naru but found out that it wasn't but he begins to like her anyways and even told her how he felt ( Well not really it was Mutsumi Oochime that did it ). They almost get into a kiss but at then end before even kissing they get intrupted by the other girls..

Mutsumi Otohime

Name: Mutsumi Oochime
Age: 21
Status: Thrid Year Ronin
Info: She is confused alot and just like Keitaro ( But in a girl form ) she is also Anemic so she tends to faint at times. She travels along with Keitaro and Naru for alittle bit till they reach to her house. She gets droped off and gives Keitaro and Naru a present a Hot Spring Turtle. I really don't know much about her since the book I am reading has barely introduce her but that is mostly all you need to know...

Naru Narusegawa

Name: Naru Narusegawa (17)
Age: 17
Status: High School Senior
Horoscope: Aries
Blood Type: Type A
Height: 163 CM
Room: 304
Info: Naru trying to go to Tokyo University, living at the Hinata house with the other girls and the landlord ( Keitaro Urashima ). She lived her life studying for going into Tokyo University. She also studied with Keitrao to help him get his grades up. Naru's room is right ontop of Keitaro so alot of crazy things happen. Naru wants to go to Tokyo U for someone that she promise to in high school ( which she said... )


Mitsune Konno (Kitsune)

Name: Mitsune Konno (19)
Age: 19
Status: Freelancer Writer
Horoscope: Virgo
Blood: Type B
Height: 164 CM
Room: 205
Info: One to get drunk and do many crazy things herself. She loves to mess with Keitaro and she once flirted with him trying to get to his money thinking that he was rich, but once she found out he wasn't rich she changed her mind. She is a freelance writer and mostly she does not work that often. Not really much to say shes mostly making fun of Keitaro and Naru calling them a couple and making fun of them if they were studying alone.


Kaolla Su

Name: Kaolla Su (13)
Age: 13
Status: Eighth Grade
Horoscope: Capricorn
Blood: Type O
Height: 151 CM
Room: 301
Info: Su, a indian girl, Su is a crazy girl that needs to attach to someone right away there is no way to stop her really. She mostly goes with Motoko and when she is away she has to get someone else to bother. Shinobu and her are both the same age but both very different. Su is energetic, and has alot of energy and will hard to spend the night with without getting into a pillow fight.

Shinobu Maehara

Name: Shinobu Maehara (13)
Age: 13
Status: Seventh Gade
Horoscope: Scorpio
Blood: Type O
Height: 147 CM
Room: 201
Info: Shinobu, is a shy girl and moved away from her house at a young age. She calls Keitaro " Sempai " ( That means: A traditional Japanese expression of respect for an elder ). She is one of those girls that once you get her sad and depress and even though you say sorry or try to help her out she won't forgive you but she will eventually. Shinobu turned 17 and everyone almost forgot her birthday " Sempai " found this out and gathered everyone up to celebrate her birthday.


Motoko Aoyama

Name: Motoko Aoyama (15)
Age: 15
Status: High School Sophomore
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Blood: Type A
Height: 173
Room: 302
Info: Motoko, the only daughter of a kendo master whose Dojo is deep in the mountains near Kyoto. Shes a skill Swordswoman, that protects the girls from Keitaro ( Sort of over protected ) she is mostly around Su. She is the only one that kind stand her. At one time she even thought that she loved Keitaro, but found out it wasn't loved it was only a cold. She puts Keitaro in alot of pain ( physically ) with her power she has the power to split the land into two so I wouldn't want to fight her if I was you...

Haruka Urashima

Name: Haruka Urashima (27)
Age: 27
Status :Originally Hinata Owner
Horoscope: Gemini
Blood: Type B
Height 169 CM
Info: She is Keitaro's aunt and was the pervious landlord when her mom ( Keitaro's Grandma ) left for some traveling. She owns her own cafe that is in the same area of the Hinata house ( I believe its right under it but I am not to sure ). Noting much to say about her but she comes at good times for Keitaro. She tries to help him out at times. But mostly you won't see her that often.