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    My methods may coincide with Mr. Gein's, but our objectives couldn't be more different. I don't need any of them. Just as long as I have my sister. Just me and her...
    -Enishi to Mumyouni

    I have connections. You should be happy, Tomoe. The time of Heaven's Justice has finally come for Battousai.
    -Enishi to Tomoe

    I am in a position to bring down judgment upon you for the sins you committed as a Hitokiri! I'm the one in control. Before you rail against the heavens, you should look to the opponent before your eyes. When there's no one left there to stand against you, then I'll come down.
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    You're slow to catch fire, but once you burn, you burn. This time it will take some doing to set you ablaze. Very well. Until you're serious, I'll divert you with some conversation. Once upon a time--there was a young boy whose sister was killed by a Hitokiri. This poor boy, who was left all alone, renounced Japan and went to Shanghai on the continent. But Shanghai, the demon city of the east, was a harsh place for the powerless to live. Within a month, the boy was no more than skin and bone.
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    It seems even Heaven is an ally to my Earthly Justice!
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    That's it. Now I understand. That was why. A living hell was nothing! I'll send him to the real hell--that's what my sister wants! If I kill him with my own hands, she'll smile for me again! If I kill him--!
    -Enishi about Kenshin

    The only way to pay for the crime of taking life is death! But the dead can't take their own revenge! So those who loved them have to do it for them! A killer should writhe and suffer, die in the throes of remorse and despair! That's your answer! Now get up! You haven't atoned yet!
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    Cast aside the sword of virtue you call a reverse blade and take up the sword of justice. And die.
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    You coward! You've taken more lives than you can count--are you so afraid to take your own?
    -Enishi to Kenshin

    I've hated you ever since that snowy day . . . Even after my hair turned white, even after I fled to Shanghai, I still hated you. Spring, summer, autumn, winter . . . Rain or shine, day or night. It was as if my brain fed on my hatred for you.
    -Enishi to Kenshin



    6 Mates


    Hyougo  Wait, Battousai! It’s not enough that the Ishin Shishi have stolen my honor? You would even steal a warrior’s death? Battousai!!
    -Hyougo to Battousai


    Mumyouni  I'll give you some advice. I don't care what you and Gein are up to. I have no desire to interfere. But don't interfere with my slaughter of Battousai. The only man to see me and live...
    -Mumyouni to Enishi


    Mumyouni  From the ceiling with love.
    -Mumyouni to the 6 mates about naming the "jinchuu arc" that


    Hyouko  An assassin's basic tactics is to outwit the enemy and catch him off-guard.
    -Hyouko to Kenshin


    Hyouko  It seems the only ones left are these brave young ladies.
    -Hyouko to Kaoru and and Megumi


    Gein  The twisting amplified the destructive power. It seems we both use our heads in a fight. I didn't expect you to think. We have something in common.
    -Gein to Kenshin


    Gein  The cutting edge of technology is found in warfare.
    -Gein to Kenshin


    Mumyouni  I've killed everyone who ever called me a freak!
    -Mumyouni to Saitou


    Gein  We both wear black and live in the darkness. I thought you might be able to appreciate the soul of my artistry.
    -Gein to Aoshi


    Those are good eyes. The eyes of a boy who hasn't learned to give up. It'll be a pleasure to close those eyes forever! The younger my opponent, the better! Taking away a long future is the greatest of pleasures!
    -Genbu (Heishin's bodyguard) to Yahiko


    Dammit! Beaten by a bunch of island monkeys.