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    Well, you know. My genius shows in whatever I do.
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    I'm sure I taught you this. A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use, this is its true nature. Your own foolish ideals, or today's harsh realities--whatever you're trying to protect, it's complete selfishness.
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    Violence begets violence in a vicious circle. You played a role indirectly in raising the ghost with the Hiten Mitsurugi school. You were right; the original purpose of school was to protect others from the sufferings of the ages. But as a free sword, not under anyone's control! If such strength is not free, this is the kind of disaster that will be born!
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    It's like Grand Central Station in here today. People should know when they're not wanted.
    -Hiko to Yahiko, Misao, and Kaoru

    If you master this final technique, you'll probably gain strength equal to mine. No, wait, you couldn't be that good. At your very best you might be able to just touch my level. But don't get too sure of yourself.
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    No matter how much you hate or how much you suffer, you can't bring the dead back to life.
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    The day hasn't dawned when I'd be happy to hug a man. Don't jump around like that.
    -Hiko to Kenshin

    What's wrong, kid. Paralyzed with fear now that you're safe?
    -Hiko to Yahiko

    The Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki I taught him can't fail. When you avoid the fangs of the dragon that soars the heavens, a fierce wind steals the freedom of your body and it pierces you with its claws. That is, if you do it exactly right. (I didn't bother to tell him that much!)
    -Hiko to Kaoru

    In spring, cherry blossoms by night. In summer, the stars. In autumn, the full moon. In winter, the snow. These are always enough to make sake delicious. If it tastes bad, that's proof that there's something sick inside you.
    -Hiko to Kenshin





    In Kyoto during the Bakumatsu, a punch like that would mean nothing!
    -Saitou to Sano

    It was my nature when I drank to want to kill excessively.
    -Saitou to Shibumi

    Killing is my specialty, so this work is all I could desire as a sideline.
    -Saitou to Shibumi

    It's unfortunate, but I have no interest in being the best of the "frogs in the well," who know nothing of the great ocean.

    Ten years... it's only two words. But to live it is a long time.
    -Saitou to Kenshin

    The first principle of the Shinsengumi is that it is unworthy to deviate from the warrior's path. A warrior does not know how to flee before the enemy!!
    -Saitou to Kenshin

    You tame a dog with food. You tame a man with money. But there is nothing that can tame a Miburo.

    For Battousai, your existence is nothing but a weak point.
    -Saitou to Sano

    Hey, who is this-- (quick: if Megumi = fox, and Kaoru = tanuki, then she must be a--) weasel girl?
    -Saitou's thoughts of Misao's apperance

    The village, the police, the army, the government; they're all helpless before Shishio Makoto. That's why people like you and I are necessary.
    -Saitou to Kenshin

    You've killed ninety-nine people, but the hundredth was yourself.
    -Saitou to Senkaku

    The dead are at peace. When I enter their world, I may think that my duty is unfulfilled, but I'll have no thoughts of revenge. If you can't see it with your mind's eye, I'll tell you. Only one thing stirs my emotions. Kill. Evil. Instantly. For the sake of my own justice alone!
    -Saitou to Usui

    A whipped dog shouldn't bark so loud.
    -Saitou to Usui

    A man who can't uphold his beliefs is pathetic dead or alive.
    -Saitou to Usui

    A human being uses his intellect to know when it's time to quit. Animals rely on their instincts. But you blame your failures on the victors, never realizing that your time was up. You're worse than an animal, freak!
    -Saitou to Mumyouni

    Someone who lost sight of reality and lived only for his own personal grudge doesn't deserve my Aku Soku Zan, but since you said you'd rather die, I'll grant your wish. Die.
    -Saitou to Mumyouni

    You were always a good talker. You think you can sweet-talk the general in the sky like that?
    -Saitou to Kenshin

    Essentially, you're here out of spite for Yukishiro Enishi. You may be smart, but at heart you're a child. A child with a hand-me-down organization . . . Today's going to be more boring than I thought.
    -Saitou to Heishin (Enishi's #2 man)

    Height and speed... that's what sealed the Hiten Mitsurugi school.





    So bad people carry swords, and good people don't? Then, if I had been carrying a sword that night, would you have..
    -Tomoe to Battousai

    In plays they always say, "A rain of blood fell"...But you really made it rain blood.
    -Tomoe to Battousai

    To go mad enough not to hate this justice, for the sake of the new age... The vanguard of mad justice. But.. when I look at him sleeping like that... he's just a boy, not even of age yet...
    -Tomoe thinking about Battousai

    It's hard for me to smile though I do like children.
    -Tomoe to Battousai

    Enishi never knew her (his mother). But I always took care of him, so he loved me as he would her. To Enishi, I was both sister and mother. My sweet little brother. He has a tendency to judge people harshly, and he can get a little out of hand, but he's a good kid. When my engagement was announced he threw a tantrum. The worst he's ever been.
    -Tomoe to Battousai

    Himura Battousai's weakness is...The kindness that doesn't match with a killer.
    -Tomoe (thinking)

    I see now. I couldn't stop him from dying. So I risked everything to bring about this man's death (Battousai). But that's when... that's when I fell in love with him. I don't want to cause any more death. So...
    -Tomoe thinks about Battousai

    Tomoe: Yes... When you smile, the me inside of you is always smiling.

    Kenshin: Really?

    Tomoe: Yes. It's always been that way. Take care of Enishi. The me inside of him probably isn't smiling right now. And after that .... After that the girl who's most longed to see your smile is waiting for you. Wake up and go to her.
    -Tomoe (ghost) to Kenshin





    After all, vagabond is just another word for failure.
    -Kiheh (Kaoru's housekeeper in the manga) to Kaoru

    The honored patriots of the new age bathe in money like water. Has it made you weak?
    -Udou Jin'eh to Kenshin

    A Hitokiri kills of his own free will, but he does not choose his own targets.
    -Udou Jin'eh

    The strong don't need to fight. This is the nature of the old kenjutsu.

    I wonder what will happen to kenjutsu. The Meiji era and the age of culture and enlightenment did away with it in one stroke.

    A man must grow up to be strong.
    -Tsukayama (Yutarou's father)

    The weak should be weeded out. This is nature's way. Himura, I want you to join my Shinko school, and from now on, help me in the great revival of Japanese kenjutsu.

    I forged swords that killed for countless years. For the world of my grandson, a child who bears no one any ill-will.
    -Written beneath Kenshin's sword handle

    Love and peace, yay!

    So you're going to ruin that boy's life just so you can stay clean. If it means being driven into the jaws of death, or leaving a name that will shame generations to come, you should draw your own sword.
    -Takasugi to Katsura

    I.. no... I.. don't want to die. I was.. finally going.. to marry her. I've always...loved her...
    -Kyosato to Battousai

    Even a young prodigy can be outwitted...
    -Tatsumi to Battousai

    Heh heh... Everyone's bad, I'm just a step ahead of the rest.
    -Iizuka (thinking)

    Well, if you live long enough, you lose a lot. Just as long as you don't throw them away. Whatever you loose, you'll find again, but what you throw away you never get back.
    -Oibore (Enishi's dad) to Yahiko and Misao

    White plum scent always brings back memories. So it reminds you of something too? (He sets the uncorked bottle beside him.) They say white plum has the power to soothe the heart. Why don't you try to put up with it for a while.
    -Oibore to Kenshin

    Please. I beg you. Just stand up one more time . . . Please!
    -Tsubame to Kenshin

    Oibore: They call this place Rakuninmura. Saints or sinners, we don't turn anyone away. But to live here, you have to throw away everything you have. Not just lose it . . . Everything you never gave up on comes back to you in the end. Even to you . . .
    Kenshin: It's no use. I can't find it. The answer--how to atone for the crimes I committed as a hitokiri. I can't find it!
    (Oibore looks at him for a long moment.)
    Oibore: Is that so. Even with your weak, confused heart, you won't let go of what you're holding so tight in your hand...
    (Kenshin looks down at the sword.)
    Oibore: You lose what's most precious to you . . . exhaust yourself body and soul. But if you have something you can't bring yourself to throw away, whatever anyone says, that's your only truth.

    That's not his truth. They couldn't reach his heart that way. But if someone came asking for help, no matter how small, they'd reach him. That's his truth, so he had to answer. He would find a way to break his bonds and rise....
    -Oibore about Kenshin