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    Shishio: Call me Shishio, my rude predecessor.

    Kenshin: Don't let it bother you. The rudeness is on both sides.
    -Shishio and Kenshin first meet

    I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Learn how to take a joke. You're as serious as the rumors say you are.
    -Shishio to Kenshin

    If you trust, you will be betrayed. If you are careless, you will die. Kill, or be killed. And, A good man is never far from a woman.
    -Shishio to Kenshin and Saitou

    Shishio: I was almost assassinated; when my wounds had finally healed and I tried coming out, the Meiji government had succeeded in ending the violence. Now they who tried to eliminate me won't send a single troop against me for fear of looking weak before the Western powers. This weak government. I cannot leave this country to such a weak government. If the violence was ended, I'll awaken it! I'll seize control! I'll make this country strong. Justice will be served when the country is mine.

    Kenshin: But for this justice, blood will flow. The blood of those who now live in peace...

    Shishio: Well, after all, in this world the flesh of the weak is the food of the strong. But I never could persuade you of that.

    Man's true nature is violence, and this world is Hell.
    -Shishio to Houji

    Shishio: The government is the real bad guy. They used me and then tried to burn me to death.
    Soujirou: So you're a good guy then!
    Shishio: No. I'm a fiend from hell.
    -Shishio to Soujirou

    No. It doesn't matter where you're born. It's because you're weak. In this world, the flesh of the weak is the food of the strong. The strong live, the weak die. No matter how hard you smile, you can't run from the truth.
    -Shishio to Soujirou

    You are shit.
    -Shishio to Sano

    I've made up my mind. I'm going to overthrow the king of hell.
    -Shishio to Yumi and Houji

    You fool. Who do you think you are? I'm just here to laugh at you. But I might take you with me all the same. You just have to realize that you were a failure. Your sword, your beliefs, your life, everything... admit it was all one big mistake you can never take back.
    -Shishio to Kenshin



    10 Swords


    Soujirou  The dead don't need to worry about the future of the country.
    -Soujirou to Okubo


    Soujirou  That's nice. But next time you make a mistake, I won't be so forgiving.
    -Soujirou to Shishio (boy he's brave to say that..)


    Anji  I have thrown away my faith, but not my desire to save this world. And this cannot be done with the Buddha's hands. To be able to save this world with human hands and a human heart. I am training to gain that power. For this I need strength that surpasses that of the Buddha.
    -Anji to Sano


    Hoji  Good men and evil man are made of the same flesh. In the end, they both rot and return to earth.
    -Houji to Shishio


    Yumi  Well, I'm certainly not going to lose to a guy. (Cross-dressing scythe-wielder.)
    -Yumi to Kamatari


    Anji  From the nether world assure yourself of the world's salvation!
    -Anji to Sano


    Yumi  Lord Shishio's the only man allowed to touch me!
    -Yumi to Sano


    Kamatari  Look, look, the Ten Swords have come all this way just to fight you! So get yourselves ready and come on out! (singing happily) We're gonna cut off all your heads, and give them to Lord Shishio as a pres-ent!


    Kamatari  Kamatari: Scythe girl? (He giggles.) There seems to be a slight mistake. (He lifts the front of his kimono.) I'm not a scythe-girl. I'm a scythe boy.
    (Misao screams.)
    Kaoru: What's WRONG with you, Misao?
    Misao (weakly):'s a freakin' elephant...
    Kamatari (primly rearranging his kimono): (Actually, that was a little embarrassing.) How cute, she's blushing. Could it be the first time you've seen one?
    Misao: No! When I was little I saw Gramps in the bath once! It's just that that was a little bigger than his, so I was just kinda startled!
    -Kamatari and his "manhood"


    Kamatari  You can't be a transvestite half-heartedly. No matter how hard I wish, I can never have a woman's body, so I'll never be able to compete with Yumi of the Night. And no matter how hard I train, I'll never be as good as Soujirou, the best of the Ten Swords. As a man or as a woman, I'll never be Lord Shishio's favorite.
    -Kamatari to Kaoru and Misao


    Roujin  The young have an unfortunate tendency to believe the impossible possible and confuse dreams with reality. I explained it for you with great kindness and respect... Very well. You will die.
    -Roujin to Kaoru, Misao and Yahiko


    Soujirou  No matter how much it hurt, no matter how bad, if I just kept smiling...
    -Soujirou to Shishio


    Soujirou  I have every confidence that I could defeat Mr. Himura with the Shukuchi. But using my full strength against his wrong-headed sword would just be too annoying.
    -Soujirou to Yumi


    Soujirou  Why didn't you protect me then? If what you say is right, why didn't anyone protect me?
    -Soujirou to Kenshin


    Soujirou  In the rain, I smiled, but I was really crying. I was really crying.
    -Soujirou to Kenshin


    Soujirou  Your thighs are so soft.
    -Soujirou to Yumi


    Yumi  A girl can't even show mercy to you idiots!
    -Yumi to Kenshin and Sano


    Hoji  Ha ha ha! Die, die! Everybody dies! If everyone dies no one wins, and Lord Shishio is invincible! Only Lord Shishio will forever be unbeaten!
    -Hoji to Kenshin, Aoshi, Sano, and Saitou


    Chou  Being an undercover agent sucks!
    -Chou to Saitou