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    Yukishiro Enishi


    Full name: Yukishiro Enishi
    Nick name: White Hair
    Occupation: mafia boss and Jinchuu leader
    Age: 24
    Birthday: May 1855
    Height: 175 cm (5 ft. 8 in.)
    Weight: 68 kg (149 lbs.)
    Blood type: A
    Weapon: Tachi (Relative size=30 inches and over)
    Style of Fighting: Watoujutsu

    Apperance: Enishi wears those hippie sunglasses way before the you could say he's a trend setter. Like many RK guys, his hair is spiked. When he was young, his hair was black like his sister, Tomoe. Seeing her death caused his hair to turn white. He has light turquoise eyes.


      Personality Traits
    • a little insane
    • vengeful, unstable, short tempered
    • quick to judge others
    • sweet to Tomoe
    • combines speed with strength like Kenshin

    Read about Enishi's

    Special Techniques:
    Shuugeki Tou Sei- Enishi kicks the flat of the blade to enhance momentum and force. The first move Enishi performs against Kenshin.

    Kaishi Tou Sei- A thrusting attack.

    Sen Ran Tou Sei- The technique beings with Enishi poised in a crouch, left leg bent inward, right leg extended, and both arms drawn, tachi held upward at a diagonal angle. Enishi spins around repeatedly on his left foot to gain momentum for his attack, afterwards he begins to spin around towards his opponent with the blade extended.

    Shou Ha Tou Sei- Holding the blade with his right hand, Enishi hits it with his left hand to enhance momentum and force.

    Chou Ten Tou Sei- Enishi uses his sword to vault himself up and then pulls the sword with him.

    Gou Tsui Tou Sei- A powerful thrust at an opponent's midsection or chest. When the stab connects, the blade is then held vertically while the person remains on it, then swung forward to throw them forcefully from the blade.

    Shikkuu Tou Sei- An airborne attack. Enishi holds his tachi behind him and then swung in an overhand arc with his free hand pointing towards his opponent.

    Kyokeimyaku (Nerves of Insanity)- It's not really a technique, but when angered enough, Enishi can cause his senses become heightened and more acute.

    Zetsugi Kofuku Zettou Sei- The ougi. It begins with him holding his tachi with the hilt facing down, and the blunt end of the blade held parallel to the back of his arm. Afterwards he sinks into a stance similar to that of the Sen Ran Tou Sei. Instead of spinning like the Sen Ran Tou Sei, the attack itself is an extremely swift lunge, upon which Enishi rises and brings his tachi fiercely along his opponent's upper body. (thanks to:
    Mumei for the name correction)

    Appears In: The OAVs (Tsuioku and Seiso Hen) and the manga.



    Inui Banshin


    Full name: Inui Banshin
    Weapon: "Tekkou" (wristguards)- The whole face is made up of slopes that turn aside any sword. Muteki Tekkou is the "invincible tekkou" Enishi gave him, but primarily fights with punches and kicks.

    Style of Fighting: Jushiki Muteki Ryu- A combination of schools both anicent and modern, Kantou and Kansai.

    Apperance: He has dreads and wears camoflauge clothes.


      Personality Traits:
    • boasts about being invincible
    • strong arms and weak head
    • he fights in Enishi's jinchuu to prove how powerful he is - not because Battousai killed his master Tatsumi

    Fighting Techniques:
    Raijinguruma- Banshin flips then punches his oppenent.

    Goufubaku- Punches using his bicep as the blunt force.

    Ashurasai- He flips to a handstand position on the opponent's shoulders - pinching the nerves, grabs, and then throws the opponent.

    Appears In: The manga.



    Otowa Hyouko


    Full name: Otowa Hyouko
    Weapons: Hides various weapons in his outfit including..

  • Baika chuuzen (Cherry Blosson Divine Arrows)- a small, hidden bow and 6 iron arrows. The character "om" on his left hand creates a strange sound causing an instant of confusion for his oppenent. Silk thread for the bow is on his right hand (the oppenent's blind side). [Image of the Om Symbol]

  • Kasuibusuen- poison fog which paralyzes an oppenent for four or five minutes

  • Bishamonken (sword) with Bishamonpun (iron powder)- The iron powder attracts the sword, making the sword's movement seem like it is seeking out the opponent.

  • Rikudouko- Devices attached to his back that stabs.

    Style of Fighting: Anki

    Apperance: He looks like a "she." An om tattoo is on his hand. He also smokes hookahs.

      Personality Traits:
    • loves to kill people

    Appears In: The manga.



    Kujiranami Hyougo


    Full name: Kujiranami Hyougo
    Nick name: Whale Mouth

  • Armstrong cannon grafted to his arm. It has the ability to rapid-fire.
  • Grenade Launcher

    Style of Fighting: Point and shoot

    Apperance: He usually looks ticked off. He's bigger than Anji, but hes only got one arm.

      Personality Traits
    • sole purpose is to kill Kenshin
    • goes berserk from time to time
    • polite to ladies
    • feels that Battousai dishonored him by cutting off just his left arm and thus no "honorable warrior's death"

    Fighting Style:
    Bam, bam, bam....BATTOUSAI

    Appears In: The manga.





    Name: Gein
    Occupation: Mechanical Artist

  • Primarily puppets/machines
  • Steel wires- The wires are woven into a spider web. The wires are soaked in oil, along with the powdered diamond, so that lighting them would cause an explosion.

    Style of Fighting: Geho Hijutsu

    Apperance: He wears a black hood with a skull mask. Underneath the mask is a wrinkled old man.

      Personality Traits
    • a sick fascination with decaying things
    • Enishi trusts him for organizing the first meeting between the "6 mates"

    See Iwanbou.

    Iwanbou 2- It's made from human skin and has bones stiched into the walls of it. The shell has a bomb inside of it. [
    Image of the bomb]

    Iwanbou 3- Sangou Iwanbou Moushuugata (Fierce Battle Model)-This is the revamped version of Iwanbou. It is muscular, with oversized arms and legs and a vaguely reptilian face.
      It has..
    • A shock absorption mechanism (very thick rubber)
    • Free-joint mechanisms (All joints rotate freely on the vertical and horizontal axis).
    • Steel control wires.
    • It was made from real body parts.

    Weak Points of using Puppets:
    The puppets would rot in time due to the human parts.

    Appears In: The manga.



    Yatsume Mumyouni


    Full name: Yatsume Mumyouni

  • Limbs- A combined technique was used. Genes in his family have caused their limbs to be 1.5 times larger then normal, so their reach is longer then the average human. At birth, gold rings were wrapped around the baby's legs and arms to stretch them out. With each passing generation, the arms and legs got longer naturally - without the use of gold rings. (African tribes use this technique for a longer neck).
  • Claw-like weapon- He wears it on his left hand. Saitou and me, your webmaster, are left handed too.
  • Bandan Jiraihou- Gunpowder inside ceramic shells. They're underground bombs used in China since the Ming Dynasty. They're set off if you step on them or pull the fuse. [Note: Enishi gave these to him]

    Apperance: Mumyouni is a "Spider-man like" type of guy. He hangs out up the ceilings with his claw-like weapon and hides in the darkness. He even has a long pointy tongue that he was born with! He sharpened his teeth by grounding them with bone and ash.

      Personality Traits
      Note: Laws in his family state that anyone who views a Yatsume family member must die.
    • Mumyouni comes from a family of gold miners. He was supposed to be their last hope to prove they were great fighters. When he fought Battousai and lost, the family's dreams were crushed. I guess Mumyouni's pretty upset because Battousai soiled the Yasume family name.
    • Another one of his reasonings for joining Enishi's jinchuu was to kill Kenshin himself. Kenshin was the only person to see him and live...

      Fighting Style: Dosha no Bouheki (Defensive wall of Earth and Sand) ??

      Fighting Techniques: Dosha no Bouheki (Defensive wall of Earth and Sand)- Mumyoui digs into the ground with his claw, throwing dirt and rubble into the air. (Click
      here for a manga image of it).

    Appears In: The OAV (Tsuioku Hen) and the manga.



    Wu Heishin


    Full name: Wu Heishin
    Occupation: Enishi's strategist. Number 2 of the organization.
    Apperance: He has narrow eyes and wears a chinese outfit. He has 4 bodyguards (the Sushin) that protect him.


      Personality Traits
    • a good planner
    • completely tasteless character

    Sushin (Heishin's bodyguards) are named after the 4 points on the Chinese compass. They all have tattoos and bald heads and are masters of martial arts. When the Kenshin gumi step onto Enishi's beach, Heishin and these guys meet up to fight.
  • Suzaku (south)- He carries two small swords and fights Aoshi. Suzaku can mimic his enemy's moves. Aoshi performs a kodachi nitou-ryuu onmyou kousa, Suzaku mimics. They lock swords and spring back. Aoshi tries a kodachi nitou-ryuu onmyou hasshi and Suzaku does the same thing. The swords all hit each other at the same time and go spinning back to their owners. Aoshi does the kaiten kenbu rokuren while Suzaku does the same. Aoshi switches to kempo and kicks him in the face. Aoshi knocks him out but does not kill him.
  • Seiryuu (east)- His weapon is a pike with a curved blade and chooses Saitou as an opponent. Saitou stabs him in the shoulder with his gatotsu. Seiryuu figures out where the gatotsu's blind spot is (right side) and hits Saitou on the right shoulder. Saitou does a zero shiki gatotsu and knocks Seiryuu down and breaks his pike.
  • Byakko (west)- Fights with spiked bracelets on his wrists and battles Sano. He likes to punch in waves, leaving the opponent no time to attack. He punches Sano many times, Sano comes back with a strong uppercut to the chin. Byakko throws more punches at Sano, Sano comes back again with another uppercut. Byakko's braclets turn into brass knuckles, he punches Sano in the belly. Sano uses his futae no kiwami on the ground to spray sand at Byakko that finishes him off.
  • Genbu (north)- Uses a long jointed staff and fights Yahiko. Yahiko does his hadome and traps Genbu's staff. Yahiko performs the hawatari but this staff is special; it's flexible and expanding, made up of six joints. The hawatari is useless against the staff. Genbu lands some hits on Yahiko, Yahiko comes back with another hawatari and breaks Genbu's weapon.

    Appears In: The manga.