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    It is an important part of a swordsman's nature to know your own and your opponent's strength.
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    I'm sure your honored father wouldn't want his school protected at the cost of his daughter's life.
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    I almost didn't recognize you in women's clothes--
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    A sword is a weapon. Kenjutsu is the art of killing. Whatever pretty words you use to speak of it, this is its true nature. What Miss Kaoru says are the words of one who has never dirtied her hands. An idealistic joke....I like Miss Kaoru's idealism better than its true nature. If one can ask so much, I want the world to accept this joke as its true nature.

    There's no need to draw a sword recklessly. I have no reason to show off.
    -Kenshin to a policeman

    We didn't fight for the power and glory of the government. It was to protect and build a world where people can pursue happiness. If we forget that, we are mere upstarts.
    -Kenshin to Yamagata

    You have the form of a child, but your heart is already that of an adult.
    -Kenshin to Yahiko

    It doesn't matter. Use whatever technique you like. However. Once I've said I'll kill you, your death is assured.
    -Kenshin to Jin'eh

    To protect Miss Kaoru, I will be the Hitokiri once again.

    Aoshi... if you can't forgive yourself, then fight me again now. Fight and destroy me. And lay the name of "strongest" on their graves.

    Wait there. You'll taste living hell soon enough.
    -Kenshin to Raijuuta

    You don't know the depths of the hell for those who carry the Hitokiri's sword.
    -Kenshin to Raijuuta

    In this world of memories, there's no need for strangers.
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    I feel closer to them (Shinsengumi) than those of us in government positions...

    She's of no age to bare her thighs.
    -Kenshin (thinking about Misao's ninja uniform)

    The dead don't desire revenge, but the happiness of the livng. To dirty your small hands would bring joy to no one.
    -Kenshin to Eiji

    It's unfortunate, but for you this is utterly impossible. Swords cannot make an era. For this you need people.
    -Kenshin to Chou

    I don't understand! People are suffering before my eyes! They're in misery! I can't leave them as they are, no matter what the reason!
    -Kenshin (14) to Hiko

    He's sneaky, tactless and he hates people. As someone who knows my past, he's a million times nastier than Saitou.
    -Kenshin to Hiko

    I never thought about why I surpassed others. I thought I was a sinner, hiding the true nature of the Hitokiri deep in my heart. What is it that I lack...

    Even if you are kind of dense, if you think you'll find some way to win!
    -Kenshin to Sano

    You'll take the honor of being the strongest and end it all? Aoshi, this is how you want to fight? Don't give me that shit! Miss Misao or Okina, Hanya or Shikijou, Beshimi or Hyottoko, none of them want to see you dead!
    -Kenshin to Aoshi

    Nothing is stronger than the will to live.
    -Kenshin to Aoshi

    Then did you know that this strong girl (Misao) wept when I promised to bring you back? No matter how strong she is, she's only sixteen. She must have been desperate, in the midst of a harsh reality.
    -Kenshin to Aoshi

    The true answer comes not by fighting but by living your life, as you atone for your sins.
    -Kenshin to Soujirou

    I have no intention of leaving my name in yours or any history. The only thing I want to leave behind me is the peace that came of this violence!
    -Kenshin to Shishio

    The pain of wounds can be overcome with determination and preparation. For those who leave themselves to the fight, it is second nature.
    -Kenshin to Shishio

    Where's the happiness in death?
    -Kenshin to Hoji

    I can't die! There's no reason for me to die here! There's still someone waiting for me to come back! Nothing...nothing is stronger than the will to live!
    -Kenshin to Shishio

    These days no matter what I drink, I only taste blood.
    -Battousai (Jinchuu Arc)

    My master taught me the sword, but I learned to drink on my own.
    -Battousai (Jinchuu Arc)

    At heart I like sword arts but I don't like killing people.
    -Battousai to Iizuka (Jinchuu Arc)

    His skill itself was nothing. But his will to live was incredible...May you find happiness in the next world.
    -Battousai about Kyosato

    The smell of blood.. it won't come off.

    No matter how much I kill, the succession of a new era isn't getting anywhere. As a whole, I'm just being a killer over and over again... The smell of blood never left my consciousness when I felt depressed...It was during that time when I met you...and now after I've lived with you for the past half year, I know clearly what happiness was to the people I protect. For the first time I begin to understand each persons happiness and struggles... Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu is quite an impressive skill but regardless of how skilled I become, I cannot accomplish the goal of a new era alone. And, I can never grant everyone's happiness...What I can do is protect people's happiness one by one....
    -Battousai to Tomoe (Jinchuu Arc)

    So that's the Shinsengumi... These men are the greatest obstacle in the way of the Ishin Shishi...
    -Battousai thinks about the Shinsengumi

    Let's live together. I don't know how long it will last, but... It doesn't have to be for show. Together... Till death do us part.
    -Battousai to Tomoe

    If I abandon the sword now, all the lives I've taken will be for nothing. Tomoe taught me the many small happinesses people live for. Until there can be an age lit up by these small happinesses, I will wield the sword. But when the new age comes...I'll never kill again. Never again...
    -Battousai to Katsura

    Enishi... His hair was snow white. That's the form his pain took... It's not over. It's not over yet...
    -Kenshin (thinking)

    The way to atone is to believe in what we have here.
    -Kenshin (thinking)

    They (the Kenshin-gumi) all walk their own paths, live their own lives. A journey without farewells, a beginning without end. It's a little lonely, but that's how it is.
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    Do you remember? When we came back from Kyoto, and I said, "I'm home"? That was the first time I'd said those words ever since I began a vagabond.
    -Kenshin to Kaoru

    You are playing with toys. Whatever mechanisms you make, as long as you don't know pain or the taste of blood, all you're doing is playing.
    -Kenshin to Gein

    Surpassing your limits is what leads to excellence. Sano and I learned that in our last fight. Your limits aren't something you decide yourself.

    I've gotten used to seeing people alive that I thought were dead.
    -Kenshin to Saitou

    Enishi, I thought about a lot of things in the living hell you made for me. About life, about death . . . About sin and retribution. And I finally arrived here, at the one truth I can't throw away. I want to protect the people I see here . . . I want to help those in pain, or who are suffering . . . And there was one smile I wanted to see. But to do that, I had to defeat my enemies . . . I had to take lives . . . not realizing that those I killed were fighting for the same reason. It was my fault, so I'll accept my punishment. But I'll live on, bearing my sins and the sins of those I've killed.
    -Kenshin to Enishi

    Enishi . . . Your techniques and your personality were both too one-sided. You attacked with limitless strength. But when it was forced to defend, that strength--
    -Kenshin to Enishi

    From now on Enishi will also atone, consulting not with death, but with life. If he doesn't, Tomoe won't smile... If he himself doesn't smile, the Tomoe within him will never smile...but, the true Tomoe is kinder than anyone or anything so... she will surely watch over Enishi... She'll watch over him throughout anything...
    -Kenshin about Enishi to Kaoru





    My father wasn't a killer. He fought single-mindedly for his motto, "the sword that protects life." But as a member of the sword-bearing Metropolitan police, he was sent to the Southwest war half a year ago. The place where he died was far from the ideal world he hoped for.
    -Kaoru to Kenshin

    When I wasn't looking, this child turned into a true swordsman..
    -Kaoru about Yahiko

    You usually sleep lightly, so I think when you sleep deeply, you're dreaming of the past.
    -Kaoru to Kenshin

    We were worried. Oh! You're hurt. Chain marks! You weren't doing anything weird out there, were you?
    -Kaoru to Kenshin

    I'm not so different. It's just that when I take off my ribbons and put on my fighting gear, I'm neither a man nor a woman. I prepare myself for battle as an ordinary swordsman. Maybe you're the same.
    -Kaoru to Kamatari

    But Kenshin can still smile. He always smiles, with a little sorrow hidden in all his kindness. Maybe one life can't change an age. But I at least want to be by his side. I want to always be by his side.





    Dammit. I want to be strong. Strong so I don't need anyone's help... so I can defend the honor of my parents myself.

    Even if you are the Hitokiri, I'm not scared of you. Actually it's kinda comforting to know there's a reason why you're as strong as a demon.
    -Yahiko to Kenshin

    The hag's a pig too.
    -Yahiko to Kaoru

    That's enough, you piece of goldfish shit.
    -Yahiko to Yutarou

    I've got it! It's a woman! He's been here for three months and there? one or two--
    -Yahiko about Kenshin's whereabouts to Kaoru

    No shit and no buts.
    -Yahiko to Kaoru

    That idiot is still chasing women without even knowing it.
    -Yahiko to Kaoru, Sae, and Misao

    I got it! The Hiten Mitsurugi school must have a secret technique for the elderly!
    -Yahiko commenting on Hiko's young looks

    No way, she's got more balls than that.
    -Yahiko's feelings about Misao

    Megumi's bad enough, but you were going to k-k-kiss him or something!
    -Yahiko to Kenshin and Kaoru

    Not like I care what happens to that crazy homo (Kamatari), but what the hell do you think you're doing, hitting your own guy!
    -Yahiko to Hennya

    Yahiko (clutching a jug of sake): I'm dizzy...

    The strength of the Kenshin I look up to. Not just the strength of the Hiten Mitsurugi school, but the strength to keep on living bearing the pain of the heart worse than death.
    -Yahiko to Sano

    When I close my eyes that's all I see. To follow him . . . and some day, to catch up with him . . . To follow that path . . . I have to clear the way!
    -Yahiko thinking

    Samurai hating samurai isn't right! Honor, the age... you keep going on about them, but they're just empty words. You should think about what you're going to do with this age that samurai gave their lives for! You strapped a gun on your missing right arm and went on a rampage, but what have you done with your left arm? If you still want to fight, then we'll do it left on left! Fight me once more!
    -Yahiko to Hyougo





    The Choushuu patriot Himura Battousai. Practitioner of the old style of kenjutsu Hiten Mitsurugi, who wielded his sword as the Hitokiri. He worked for five years, from the age of 14 to 19. For the first half, he literally was a killer, a cold-hearted assassin who killed in darkness. For the second half, he defended the revolutionaries from the Shogun's swordsmen units like the Shinsengumi, acting as a bodyguard. Originally he was meant to remain obscure, but today he's gained great fame for his work. Then, the decisive war of Boshin. After the first battle of Tobafushimi, he disappeared. To live as the vagabond Himura Kenshin. The real fight begins when you know your enemy and decide how to fight him. I had to go to Kyoto, the center of the Bakumatsu bloodshed, to find out about you.
    -Sano to Kenshin

    You preached equality, but you drowned in greed and acted like you owned the whole damn world! Don't tell me about the Ishin Shishi, who gave us the lie of a new age!
    -Sano to Kenshin

    Well, you can't separate selfishness from love..
    -Sano about Kaoru's love for Kenshin

    Idiot. Which road do you take when you're running from something weaker than yourself? Or maybe you're the one looking for an excuse to back out.
    -Sano to Raijuuta

    Where are you going, you slit-eyed bastard. We're not finished yet.
    -Sano to Saitou

    Better that a dirty government should die.

    What's the vixen doing up so early?
    -Sano to Megumi

    I still have four days. If I pissed from here, it'd reach the sea in four days.
    -Sano to Anji

    Using a woman to make us careless...He's full of tricks. Be careful.
    -Sano to Kenshin and Saitou

    Don't be stupid. Go potty and go to bed.
    -Sano to Yahiko

    "Perfect" or "ultimate" are not the kind of words you can throw around lightly. Carry your stupid self-confidence too far and you're gonna get burned!
    -Sano to Banshin

    You only fight people you think you can beat. That's why you make excuses to fight with your shoes on and take your fill of vulgar pleasures. I can't sit here and listen to a big frog in a little pond croak anymore!
    -Sano to Banshin

    They ran you out of Tokyo, and now you're playing bodyguard for some hick yakuza. Seems about right, don't you think?

    -Sano to Kihei and Gohei

    A man always comes out fists first. If you have to hide that, then turning your back and running is worse than showing yourself to the enemy.
    -Sano to Outa (Sano's brother)

    You're all covered in muck like always. Still growing daikon?
    -Sano to Higashidani (Sano's dad)

    So you didn't learn your lesson, just ran out to the country to play king of the mountain with a bunch of yakuza. If you want to be king of the mountain, you should at least evolve from a pig to a monkey.
    -Sano to Tani (the fat man Jin'eh tried to kill)

    But above all you're a man of the Kamiya Kasshin school. A follower of the sword that gives life shouldn't talk about killing. So I'm gonna have to kill him for you! Now answer me, shades! Where's the girl?
    -Sano to Yahiko then Enishi





    You really are bad for the heart.
    -Megumi to Kenshin

    Megumi: Ohh, that violent girl is giving you trouble, isn't she.
    Kenshin (spiral-eyed): Oro----
    Megumi: What if you got rid of her and switched to me--

    Painful life...or a peaceful death?

    What, are you surprised? We come and go below Heaven. Can't our paths simply cross? Actually, I have today and tomorrow off. I thought I'd come over and play.
    -Megumi to Kenshin and Kaoru

    He's strong as a cockroach, so he'll be fine, but if he doesn't wake up soon, I'm just going to stick him in a coffin and bury him anyway.
    -Megumi to a sleeping/hurt Sano

    I became a doctor so I could save lives and atone for my sins. Alright? This is my life's path. And there is no one who could have shown me how to live that path but Ken-san. So even if he's not here, I'll keep on atoning as a doctor. This atonement is how I feel towards him. So I don't need some cowering girl to tell me he's not important to me. Oh, so now you're going to cry? You really are weak.
    -Megumi to Kaoru

    You don't understand how it felt for him not to say goodbye to me at all.
    -Megumi to Kaoru

    Really... I wish I had something to cure stupidity.
    -Megumi to Sano

    So with that said, you stop with the indecent face. Ken-san has chosen not I, not Tomoe-san, but you. The number one most effective medicine for Ken-san's cross scar is a "smile," so... So if you always watch over Ken-san with a smile, someday, surely----...
    -Megumi to Kaoru