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    Himura Kenshin
    Himura Kenshin, manga Himura Kenshin, manga (color) Himura Kenshin, screencap


    Full name: Himura Kenshin
    Literal English Translation: Scarlet Village Sword Heart
    Nick name: Battousai, Shrimp
    Occupation: rurouni, Kaoru's chore-boy, babysitter
    Age: 28 (When he met Kaoru it was the 11th year of Meiji or 1878)
    Birthday: June 20, 1849
    Height: 158cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
    Weight: 48kg (105 lbs.)
    Blood type: AB
    Weapon: Sakaba Tou
    Style of Fighting: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu

    Apperance: Kenshin has violet eyes when he's a ronin and yellow eyes when he's in hitokiri mode. He keeps his long red hair back in a ponytail with some bangs that hang along the front. As a hitokiri, he killed about 100 people in 6 months.

    Kenshin had brothers (!!!) but they died from famine. He was sold to slave traders at age 10 until Hiko comes to "rescue" him.


      Personality Traits
    • too kind for a killer
    • quick and sly
    • compassionate
    • tries to handle everything himself

    Fighting Style: Kenshin was taught Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu by
    Hiko. All the basic moves can be found here.

    Fighting Techniques: In addition to Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, here are some other moves Kenshin can do:
  • Return Cut- Nothing has been crushed along the line of the cut, so it can be put back together exactly as it was. It was performed on a daikon radish. Oww.

    Ryu Mei Sen- When he sheaths the sword, he generates a supersonic sound due to the impact between the tsuba (sword guard) and the saya (scabbard), a sound like the a roar of the dragon. Knocking such sound into the opponent's ear when he passes by, Kenshin is able to render numb for a moment the hearing nerves of his foe. He used this technique on Enishi.

    Shin Ken no KamaeShin Ken no Kamae- The sword that believes. A defensive stance, but Kenshin also uses it to measure the length of Hanya's arm to counterattack. (thanks to
    Aku Soku Zan for the information).

    Sou Ryu Sen Ikatsuchi- Kenshin attacks with the sword still in the sheathe, then he draws his sword, traps his opponents sword with the sheathe, then smashes them with his sword. (thanks to:

    Battojutsu- Drawing out the sakabatou from the saya (scabbard) in such a way that it reaches "god-like" speed. Since the sakabatou is not meant for the battojutsu due to its shape slowing it down, Kenshin developed the Double Battojutsu technique.

    Double Battojutsu- Drawing out the sakabatou from the saya (scabbard) in such a way that it reaches "god-like" speed. After the sakabatou has left the saya, Kenshin swings the saya as well at his opponent in case the Battojutsu drawing technique has missed. He used this technique on Jin'eh.

    Appears In: The TV Series, the OAVs, the movie, and the manga.



    Kamiya Kaoru
    Kamiya Kaoru, manga Kamiya Kaoru, manga (color) Kamiya Kaoru, screencap


    Full name: Kamiya Kaoru
    Literal English Translation: God-valley Scent or Fragrance (thanks to:
    Nick name: Raccoon Girl
    Occupation: teacher of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu
    Age: 17
    Birthday: June 1862
    Height: 155 cm (5 ft. 1 in.)
    Weight: 41 kg (90 lbs.)
    Blood type: O
    Weapon: Boken (wooden sword)
    Style of Fighting: Kamiya Kasshin Ryu

    She usually wears a ponytail.


      Personality Traits
    • too shy to open up her true feelings to Kenshin (it goes both ways though)
    • generally happy
    • short-tempered and a little bit demanding
    • jealous of Megumi because she's afraid that Megumi will steal Kenshin's heart
    • antithesis of Tomoe's character at times
    • strong virtues of honesty, sincerity, and purity of heart

    Fighting Style: Kaoru most likely learned Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu from her father. Kamiya Kasshin Ryuu's purpose was to protect the people around you. Kenshin once told Yahiko,

    "Kamiya Kasshin Ryu is based on protecting people. If you lose, the person whom you are protecting loses as well. It doesn't except defeat. You should remember this."

    Fighting Techniques:

  • Hawatari- The attack succession technique. Forming an X above the head and twisting the wrists. If used right, it can be a killing technique.

  • Hadome- Defense Succession technique. The act of restraining the opponent's weapon.

    Appears In: The TV Series, the movie, seisou hen, and manga.



    Myojin Yahiko
    Myojin Yahiko, manga Myojin Yahiko, manga (color) Myojin Yahiko, screencap


    Full name: Myojin Yahiko
    Literal English Translation: Discernment God Yahiko
    Nick name: Master of the thousand shirahadori (Given to him when he was in his teens)
    Occupation: He used to be a thief until he met Kenshin and Kaoru, now he's training to be strong and to defend his parent's honor.
    Age: 10
    Birthday: September 1868
    Height: 128 cm (4 ft. 2 in.)
    Weight: 23 kg (50 lbs.)
    Blood type: B
    Style of Fighting: Kamiya Kasshin Ryu taught by Kaoru
    Weapon: Shinai
    Apperance: Yahiko has spikey black hair and brown eyes. He also has tan skin. He usually wears a yellow gi.


      Personality Traits
    • Kaoru's fighting style teaches him not only to be strong but that he needs to use his strength for others rather than himself.
    • appreciates strength and wants to be a strong man when he grows up.
    • disrespectful towards Kaoru
    • bratty

    Fighting Style: Yahiko's fighting style is Kamiya Kasshin Ryu, which he's learning from Kaoru, his teacher. Yahiko's weapon is a shinai (bamboo sword). He's still in training.

    Fighting Techniques:
    Forbidden Technique Wrath of the End of the EraForbidden Technique Wrath of the End of the Era- Flying kick to the crotch.

    Shippu Jinrai Dotou No Ken (Gale Thunderclap Billow Sword)

    Pseudo Ryu Tsui Sen- He performs it on Hennya of the Juppon Gatana.

    Imitation Ryu Shou Sen- He does this move on Hyougo.

    Hadome- The defense succession technique. The act of restraining the opponent's weapon.. He does this move on Hyougo, too.

    Appears In: The TV Series, the movie, seisou hen, and manga.




    Sagara Sanosuke
    Sagara Sanosuke, manga Sagara Sanosuke, manga (color) Sagara Sanosuke, screencap


    Full Name: Sagara Sanosuke
    Literal English Translation: Left Help
    Nick names: Zanza, Chicken Head
    Occupation: A bum and a gambler
    Age: 19
    Birthday: February 1860
    Height: 179 cm (5 ft. 10 in.)
    Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs.)
    Blood type: B
    Weapon: Zanbatou, Martial Arts
    Apperance: He has spiky brown hair, which is wrapped with a red bandana with some pieces of bangs hanging in his eyes. He always wears a white gi, with the Kanji for the word "bad" (or wicked, or evil..sheesh people are really picky about this meaning) on the back.


      Personality Traits
    • short-tempered
    • loyal
    • very tender-hearted
    • big appetite
    • gambles a lot
    • quick learner
    • freeloader
    • has brute strength to match Kenshin's speed
    • hates conspiracy/corruption
    • live a carefree life
    • strong stamina

    Fighting Style:
    When we first meet Sano he's a gangster. He beats people up for amusement. He also uses a zanbatou which is a really big sword. Sanosuke was hired to kill Himura Kenshin, the ex-Hitokiri Battousai. Sanosuke and Kenshin fight and Kenshin beats Sanosuke with the Ryu Tsui Sen and slicing the zanbatou in half. Sano decides to become friends with Kenshin, Kaoru, and Yahiko after the fight.
    Since Sano doesn't have has his zanbatou, Sano is forced to use his fists and feet throughout the story. Sano learns his ultimate technique later on from Anji called the Futae no Kiwami in only 7 days!!

    Fighting Techniques:
    Kiwami Hazushi (Extremity Defense- Sano attacks himself in the same point but on his back to cancel out another futau no kiwami attack. (thanks to:
    Hannie Khalil)

    Futae no Kiwami (Two Fold Extremity)- The ougi. An attack of two swift, consecutive punches. The first encounters the resistance of the object, the second applies the full force to it.

    Sanjuu no Kiwami (Three Fold Exremity)- Sano snaps his fingers out after a Futae no Kiwami punch. (thanks to:
    Hannie Khalil for the minor correction)

    Appears In: The TV Series, the movie, seisou hen, and manga.




    Takani Megumi
    Takani Megumi, manga Takani Megumi, manga (color) Takani Megumi, screencap


    Full name: Takani Megumi
    Nick name: Fox lady
    Occupation: assistant doctor
    Age: 22
    Birthday: December 1857
    Height: 166 cm (5 ft. 5 in.)
    Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs.)
    Blood type: B

    Apperance: She has long black hair and dark eyes. She's been called the prettiest person in the RK story.


      Personality Traits
    • seems cold hearted at first
    • likes to tease people, especially Kaoru
    • has guilt in her heart for making opium that killed many people
    • flirtatious
    Appears In: The TV Series, the movie, seisou hen, and manga.


    Each Kenshim-gumi member has a unique gift that sets them apart from the rest of the gang. Together they make a formidable team to be dealt with!

    Kenshin >> Quick, smart, able to read the opponents moves when engaged in battle.

    Sano >> Brute strength and brawn to parallel Kenshin's speed.

    Kaoru >> Always shows deep concern for the well-being of others. Her sword school goes even futher by practicing a code of "protecting yourself and others." If Kaoru's father had found Kenshin before Hiko, I think Kenshin wouldn't have gotten in so much trouble!

    Yahiko >> Brave beyond his years, sometimes more so than men. His pride for his dead mother and father push him to become strong.

    Megumi >> With the Kenshin-gumi getting into so many battles, someone is needed with the knowledge of medicine. Megumi is just the right person for this job. Plus her cooking is way better than Kaoru's- just don't Kaoru hear you say that...