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    Shinomori Aoshi
    Shinomori Aoshi, manga Shinomori Aoshi, manga (color) Shinomori Aoshi, screencap


    Full name: Shinomori Aoshi
    Nickname: Ice Blue Eyes
    Occupation: Okashira (leader) of the Oniwabanshu
    Age: 26 (at the beginning of the story)
    Birthday: Jan. 1853
    Height: 182 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
    Weight: 72kg (158 lbs.)
    Blood Type: A
    Weapon: 2 Kodachi (short swords; Relative Size=11 to 15 inches).
    Style of Fighting: Kodachi Nitou-Ryu
    Apperance: He has black hair and blue eyes. He's usually wearing a trenchcoat.

      Personality Traits
    • cold and brooding.
    • bent on proving his own strength as well as proving that the Oniwabanshu were the strongest.
    • never smiles in the manga or the anime.
    • protective of Misao.
    • hides his emotions.
    • fighting spirit is so strong he's almost mad at times.

    Fighting Techniques:
    Ososugi de Ugoki- Aoshi moves around his opponent at varying speeds, making multiple images of himself to confuse his foe.

    Kaiten Kenbu- A mix of the Ososugi de Ugoki, and three slashes he blurs with different speeds. He then spins three times and delivers three slashes. (thanks to:

    Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren (Spin Heaven Sword Dance 6 Series)- Aoshi grips his kodachi backhanded and runs forward. Then beginning with either of his hands, he slashes his opponent six times in a row. (Click
    for a manga image of it).

    Onmyou Kousa- Counter attack move. First he blocks the opponent’s weapon with his first kodachi then he presses his second kodachi against the blade of the first kodachi, which can break the opponent’s weapon under the pressure of the two blades.

    Onmyou Hasshi (Yin Yang Jump Stop)- Aoshi throws one kodachi and then the other directly hidden behind the first one so the opponent only sees one kodachi.

    Goku Juuji (Give Vast Cross)- Aoshi crosses both kodachi at the point, like a pair of scissors. He aims for the main arteries of the opponent's neck or the chest.

    Appears In:
    The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 11) and manga.



    Makimachi Misao
    Makimachi Misao, manga Makimachi Misao, manga (color)


    Full name: Makimachi Misao
    Nickname: Weasel Girl
    Occupation: Member of the oniwabanshu, then when Aoshi went all psycho, she proclaimed herself leader of them.
    Age: 16
    Birthday: Nov. 1863
    Height: 149 cm (4 ft. 10 in.)
    Weight: 37 kg (81 lbs.)
    Blood type: B
    Weapon: Kunai
    Style of Fighting: Kempo taught by Hanya.
    Apperance: Misao is usually seen in her blue ninja uniform. She has a long braid that goes way down her back. (I wonder how long she's been growing that..)


      Personality Traits
    • spunky, sly, funny
    • stubborn
    • tom boy
    • one track mind when it comes to Aoshi - she really loves him.

    Fighting Techniques:
    Keicho Geri (Monster Bird Kick)- A kick towards the head.

    Kansatsu Tobi-Kunai Kawasemi no Hashi (Pierce Kill Fly Pain None)- Throwing kunai in both hands towards an opponent. (thanks to:
    omyw@sbcglobal.net for the name correction)

    Appears In:
    The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 34) and manga.



    Beshimi, manga Beshimi, screencap


    Name: Beshimi
    Occupation: Oniwabanshu member
    Weapon: Poisoned Rasenbyo- Poision darts that contain jimsonweed. Jimsonweed is also known as Korean morning-glory, it’s the main ingredient in an anesthetic called mafussan.

    Apperance: He is really short and nimble on his feet.


      Personality Traits
    • extremely proud he's an Oniwabanshu member
    • "little goblin"

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Hanya, manga Hanya, screencap


    Name: Hanya
    Occupation: Oniwabanshu member
    Weapons: Kagitsume- Long claw-like blades that rip out of his gloves. (Like Wolverine from X-men) Metal guards under his gloves.
    Style of Fighting: Kempo taught to him by Aoshi

    Apperance: He wears a devil mask and has horizontal stripes running around his arms. The stripe pattern makes things appear shorter and fatter than they are so one can misjudge the distance. Underneath the mask his lips are burned, the ears and nose are cut, and his cheekbones are smashed. His parents wanted to kill him because they were too poor to feed him.


      Personality Traits
    • extremely proud he's an Oniwabanshu member
    • lonely
    • cares about Misao

    Past: Hanya’s mother was trampled by an animal while he was in the womb and so was born disfigured. He could not come in contact with people without being persecuted, and was called a demon, and so lived alone deep in the mountains. Aoshi found him there and he became one of the Oniwabanshu.

    Fighting Techniques
    Shinwan No Jyutsu (Strech Arm Spell)



    Hyottoko, manga Hyottoko, screencap


    Name: Hyottoko
    Nick name: Fire man
    Occupation: Oniwabanshu member
    Style of Fighting: Fire Breatheing techniques
    Apperance: He's really big and only has 4 "teeth" that really consist of flint for sparking his fires. He has a sack of oil that he carries inside his belly.


      Personality Traits
    • extremely proud he's an Oniwabanshu member
    • he’s more proud of his strength than any kind of weapon
    • conceited idiot

    Fighting Techniques:
    Kaentoiki (Fire Breath)- He has a sack in his belly that has oil in it. To light fires he snaps his flint-teeth together. Creating a spark, he spits fire.

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Shikijou, manga Shikijou, screencap


    Name: Shikijou
    Occupation: Oniwabanshu member. Keeper of the castle gate.
    Weapon: A giant iron ball on a chain

    Apperance: His body is covered in scars from fighting with Aoshi. His character design is based upon the Incredible Hulk.


      Personality Traits
    • extremely proud he's an Oniwabanshu member
    • addicted to strength
    • full of self-confidence and big-hearted like Sano

    He was originally a spy from Satsuma, on the side of the Ishin Shishi. In the second year of Keiou he was sneaking into the Edo Castle for information about the upcoming war. He was crushed by Aoshi, even though he was only thirteen at the time. Aoshi gives him secret muscle-building medicine (might be an early form of steroids?) to help him become even stronger.

    Fighting Style:
    He uses his brute force to beat people up. He also likes to use a ball and chain to flail around.

    Appears In: The TV Series and the manga.



    Okina, manga Okina, manga (color)


    Real name: Kashiwazaki Nenji
    Nick name: Okina (he's called Okina 99% of the time)
    Occupation: Oniwabanshu member. He opened up the Aoiya as a base and is currently Misao's caretaker when she's home.
    Weapon: En Satsu Goukoukon (Tonfa)

      Personality Traits
    • very persuasive and kind
    • pervert

    Fighting Techniques:

    En Satsu Goku Kan- Uppercuts with his tonfers aimed at the chin or the throat.

    Onmyou Kousa (Yin Yang Intersection)

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 39) and manga.