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Shishio Makoto
Shishio Makoto, manga


Full name: Shishio Makoto
Nick name: Shadow Hitokiri
Occupation: He took over Battousai's role as Hitokiri, killing Battousai's "friend," Iizuka. About 10 years later, he's the coup d'état leader of the "10 Swords"
Age: 30
Birthday: August 1848
Height: 170 cm (5 ft. 6 in.)
Weight: 59 kg. (130 lbs.) The bandages probably add extra weight.
Blood type: O .. but his blood is boiling at this point
Weapon: "Kotetsu" (a katana-like sword which was cracked at the Shingetsu village when Kenshin fought Soujirou). Later Shishio used a sword that was intentionally chipped to create a toothed-edge. That one was called the "Mugenjin" (aka "Infinity Blade") made by Arai Shakku, the same sword-maker that made Kenshin and Chou's swords.
Apperance: He's wrapped up in bandages because he's burnt to a crisp thanks to the Meij government. A few crispy hairs hang out atop his head. Underneath all these bandages is brown, leathery skin. He probably smells like BBQ, too.


    Personality Traits
  • hell-bent on taking over Japan to reform it
  • jokes around at times
  • doesn't like weakness

Fighting Style: Satsu Jin Ken (thanks to:

Fighting Techniques:
Homura dama- The standard attack using friction to light his blade on fire.

Kagu Tsuchi (Fire Cliff Spirit God)- Shishio scrapes the full length of the sword along the scabbard and causes a tornado of flame around the sword, engulfing his enemies.

Guren Kaina (Scarlet Lotus Arm)- Gunpowder is hidden in his glove and explodes if fire is put near it.

Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 30), 4th OAV, and manga.



Seta Soujirou
Seta Soujirou, manga Seta Soujirou, manga (color)


Full name: Seta Soujirou
Nick name: Heaven's Sword
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords." Shishio's right hand man.
Age: 18
Birthday: Sept. 1861
Height: 163 cm (5 ft. 4 in.)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs.)
Blood type: AB
Weapon: Kikuichimonji-norimune
Style of Fighting: Tenbu no Sai Niyoru Ken

Apperance: Always smiling!

    Personality Traits
  • shows no emotion other than happiness because he's supressing the emotion inside
  • pleasant
  • brainwashed by Shishio

Fighting Style: Little Sou is a natural fighter, known as Tenken. He's born with amazing fighting skills like unbelievable speed that cannot be seen by the human eye.

Fighting Techniques:
Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)-The Shikuchi is a body technique in which Seta springs from his initial speed directly into their top speed within an instant, through the strength of the legs, penetrating the range of the opponent in an instant. To any ordinary person, it would look like the distance between the two fighters has shrunk.

Shun Ten Satsu (Instant Heaven Murder)- Soujirou combines the battoujutsu with the true Shukuchi. The speed behind the Shun Ten Satsu completely equals to that of Kenshin's Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki. In terms of power however, it is slightly weaker than the Hiten Mitsurugi ougi. The speed behind the attack is so swift that there isn't an instant even to feel the pain.

Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 31) and manga.



Unuma Usui
Unuma Usui, manga Unuma Usui, manga (color)


Full name: Unuma Usui
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords"
Weapon: Weighted spear and turtle shell shield
Style of Fighting: Ryuukyuu


    Personality Traits
  • vengeful
  • arrogant

Fighting Techniques:
Bouken Bougyoku Hyakka Ryouran (Treasure Sword, Treasure Sphere, Hundred Flower, Silver Chaos)- Usui attacks with multiple slashes from his spear and repeated thrusts from the iron base of the spear.

Shin Gan (Mind's eye)- Since Usui is blind, his hearing is acute. He can hear every movement of the human body.

Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



Saidzuchi Roujin
Saidzuchi Roujin, manga Saidzuchi Roujin, manga (color)


Full name: Saidzuchi Roujin
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords"
Weapon: Roujin's brains + Fuji's power = weapon. He plots out battle plans for Fuji to use.
Apperance: This guy reminds me of an evil hampster. Look at him! He has the biggest bald head I have ever seen!


    Personality Traits
  • he leads Fuji on and tells him that he "owes him one" for saving his life.
  • he thinks that his old age makes him the one who is "just" since he's lived a long life.
Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 44) and manga.



Fuji, manga Fuji, manga (color)


Name: Fuji
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords"
Weapon: A huge sword and armor
Style of Fighting: Just his abnormal size, strength, and a sickle-like weapon.
Apperance: Fuji is so tall, he can't enter buildings. He has red eyes (I think Watsuki is greatly influenced by Evangelion) and long, white hair. Underneath all his armor, he is surprisingly tan.


    Personality Traits
  • Hiko notes that Fuji still has a "strong Samurai spirit" but doesn't use it because of Roujin.
  • Deep down he is really nice but because of his monsterous appearance, people shun him. I think he wears the armor to hide behind it.
Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



Sawagejo Chou
Sawagejo Chou, manga Sawagejo Chou, manga (color)


Full name: Sawagejo Chou
Nick name: Broom Head, Sword Hunter
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords." Part time sword collector and baby kidnapper.

Weapon: As a sword collector, he has a variety of items, including the "Renbatou" by Arai Shakku. This sword has two separate blades joined at the base so one blade is about an inch above the other, causing two cuts at once. The "Hakujin no Tachi" is wrapped around his waist, like armor, and is very thin with a weighted tip, a slightest flick in one direction will cause the snake-like blade to stab in an unpredictable motion.

Apperance: Chou has his hair gathered and spiked up in a purple bandana. (What is it about bandanas and 10 swords? Both Anji and Usui wear them too). He also likes winking with his eyes.


    Personality Traits
  • thinks he's pretty smart
  • I think of him as a Blond Sanosuke in terms of personality
  • foul mouthed punk

Fighting Style: The style of the sword determines how he fights.

Fighting Techniques:
Orochi (8 Headed Hydra)- Chou bounces his sword, the "Hakujin no Tachi" on the ground in waves.

Sakasa Kuchu Noutou (Reverse in the Air Sword Sheathe)

Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 39) and manga.



Honjou Kamatari
Honjou Kamatari, manga Honjou Kamatari, manga (color)


Full name: Honjou Kamatari
Nick name: Girl-boy
Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords" and a crossdresser
Age: 29
Weapon: Scythe with a ball and chain at the end
Style of Fighting: Honjou ryu

Apperance: He pretends to be a "she."


    Personality Traits
  • loves Shishio. Almost to the point of obsession.

Fighting Techniques:
  • Midare Benten (Chaotic Benten)- The scythe is whipped over his head, the chain forming a sphere.

  • Benten Mawashi (Benten Top)- He picks up the broken part of chain with the end of the scythe and swings it.

  • Honshuu Ryu Daikusarigamajutsu (Honshuu style Great Scythe Technique)- I think this just basic moves that can be done with the scythe (??)

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 44) and manga.



    Yukyuzan Anji
    Yukyuzan Anji, manga Yukyuzan Anji, manga (color)


    Full name: Yukyuzan Anji
    Nick name: Fallen Monk
    Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords."
    Weapon: A small sword
    Style of Fighting: Futae no Kiwami

    Apperance: Anji has smudged black ash around his eyes. He wears a bandana on his head.


      Personality Traits
    • pretty nice guy
    • doesn't kill or fight for unjust reasons
    • wants to save Japan by his own hand, and not by Shishio's

    Fighting Techniques:
    Kiwami Hazushi- Anji punchs himself to neutralize a punch from an opponent.

    Tou Ate (Distant Hit)- Anji uses his knife to propel a shockwave of the futae no kiwami through the ground.

    Futae no Kiwami- An attack of two swift, consecutive punches. The first encounters the resistance of the object, the second applies the full force to it.

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Kariwa Hennya
    Kariwa Hennya, manga Kariwa Hennya, manga (color)


    Full name: Kariwa Hennya
    Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords"
    Weapon: dynamite
  • "Bird-like"

    Fighting Style:

    Fighting Technique:
    Hikuu Happa (Fly Sky Depart Break)-

    Appears In: The TV Series (First appearance: Episode 44) and manga.



    Iwanbou, manga Iwanbou, manga (color)


    Name: Iwanbou
    Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords"
    Weapon: A thick, fatty layer of blubber.

      Personality Traits
    • He's not too bright...There's a reason why. He is a mechaincal puppet controlled by Gein. Gein uses him to spy on Kenshin.

    Appears In: The TV Series (First appearance: Episode 44) and manga.



    Komagata Yumi
    Komagata Yumi, manga Komagata Yumi, manga (color)


    Full name: Komagata Yumi
    Nick name: Night Witch
    Occupation: She was one of the highest ranking geisha in Japan until she was disillusioned by the whole geisha "system." She met Shishio and they became lovers
    Apperance: She wears a kimono and green lipstick. She also has a mole on her face.


      Personality Traits
    • totally devoted to Shishio

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 36) and manga.



    Sodojima Hoji
    Sodojima Hoji, manga Sodojima Hoji, manga (color)


    Full name: Sodojima Hoji
    Occupation: One of Shishio's "10 Swords." He's the brains behind Shishio's "Kuni Tori" (aka taking over Japan)

    Apperance: I think Hoji is balding. He wears a jacket with fur trim.


      Personality Traits
    • organized Shishio's operation

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 39) and manga.