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    Dr. Gensai
    Dr. Gensai, screencap 


    Full name: Dr. Gensai
    Occupation: Doctor
    Apperance: He has a mustache and wears a bandana on his head. (He has a "twin" sister).


      Personality Traits
    • nice and cheerful
    • fun to be around
    • wise

    Appears In: The TV Series, movie, and manga.



    Ayame, screencap


    Name: Ayame
    Occupation: being a kid
    Weapons: The ball she throws at Kenshin when he accidently gets hit. ^_^

    Apperance: She wears a green kimono and her hair is down most of the time.


      Personality Traits
    • giggles a lot
    • playful
    Appears In: The TV Series and the movie.



    Suzume, screencap


    Name: Suzume
    Occupation: being a kid

    Apperance: She wears pig tails all the time and wears the red kimono.


      Personality Traits
    • wants Kenshin to play all the time
    • giggles with her sister
    • repeats everything her sister says

    Appears In: The TV Series and the movie.



    Sanzou Tsubame
    Sanzou Tsubame, manga Sanzou Tsubame, screencap


    Full name: Sanzou Tsubame
    Occupation: Akabeko waitress

    Apperance: Her hair is short. She wears her kimono in the introduction episode, after that, she's mostly seen in her akabeko uniform.


      Personality Traits
    • very shy - she's trying to overcome her shyness
    • likes Yahiko
    • kind
    • works hard
    • mousey

    She's from Kansai.

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 12), the Seiso hen, and the manga.



    Sekihara Tae
    Sekihara Tae, manga Sekihara Tae, screencap


    Full name: Sekihara Tae
    Occupation: Akabeko waitress
    Age: 20 something (she really does give that answer when asked her age)
    Weapons: kitchen knife for the veggies

    Apperance: She is mostly seen in her red restaurant uniform.


      Personality Traits
    • sweet and caring
    • hard worker
    • cheerful and smiling

    She's from Kansai. She has a twin sister named Sekihara Sae that works at Shirobeko which is a restaurant like the Akabeko.

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Sagara Souzou
    Sagara Souzou, manga Sagara Souzou, screencap


    Full name: Sagara Souzou
    Occupation: Sekihoutai Captain
    Apperance: Short black hair and the trademark red bandana of the Sekihoutai.


      Personality Traits
    • Cares about Japan's future and Sano

    Appears In: The TV Series (First appearance: Episode 4).



    Udou Jin’eh
    Udou Jin’eh, manga Udou Jin’eh, screencap


    Full name: Udou Jin’eh
    Nick name: The Black Hat of Rushes or Jin’eh of the Black Hat
    Occupation: Assassinating Ishin patriots "gone bad"
    Weapons: Katana
    Style of Fighting: Hyoki no Jutsu

    Apperance: To those of you that know of the X-men, you should know who this looks like. In fact, Jin'eh was based upon Gambit.

    Past: He used to serve in a Shinsengumi troop until he became so thirsty to spill blood, he started killing the Shinsengumi as well as the Chosun patriots. The Shinsengumi went after him during the Revolution but many of them were killed. Jin'eh killed for 10 years into the Meiji, where he met up with Kenshin for a duel to the death.


      Personality Traits
    • originally a Hitokiri and completely psycho to boot.
    • only desires to kill

    Fighting Techniques
    Jyuumonji Kata Kara Take Wari- A one hit kill. Jin'eh attacks in positions similar to the Japanese characters of the numbers one, eight, and ten.

    Shin No Ippou Hyouki (1 Side of the Heart Demon Possession)- Also known as the One-Sided Heart. Jin'eh sends his own ki out through his eyes to crush the opponent's ki, freezing him in place. In modern times it would be called a kind of instantaneous hypnosis.

    Hyoki no Jutsu- He uses Shin No Ippou on himself, making him faster and stronger.

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Takeda Kanryuu
    Takeda Kanryuu, manga Takeda Kanryuu, screencap


    Full name: Takeda Kanryuu
    Occupation: Illegal businessman
    Style of Fighting: Gatling Gun, hired Oniwabanshu members, and lowly street thugs

    Apperance: He always wears his wire rimmed glasses and a light colored suit. His hair is cut in a bowl cut.


      Personality Traits
    • flattered those above him, spiteful and tricky to those below
    • spineless and whimpy
    • he thinks money can buy him out of any situation

    All about the Gatling Gun: The Gatling gun was invented by a Doctor named Dr. Gatling. He invented it in hopes of stopping all wars. He thought its destructiveness would put a stop to whole armies but how wrong he was. When the first few models of the gatling gun were invented, they were highly inaccurate. The faster one turns the handle to churn out the bullets, the less likely they are to hit the target. That was the case when Kenshin dodges all those bullets when Kanryuu fires at him. The next time you watch that episode, don't think its so far fetched.

    Kanryuu’s model was the captain of the fifth unit of the Shinsengumi, Takeda Kanryuusai.

    Appears In: The TV Series and manga.



    Isurugi Raijuuta
    Isurugi Raijuuta, manga Isurugi Raijuuta, screencap


    Full name: Isurugi Raijuuta
    Age: 36
    Birthday: July 1843
    Height: 182 cm (5 ft. 11 in.)
    Weight: 78 kg (171 lbs.)
    Blood type: AB
    Weapon: Katana
    Style of Fighting: Shinko Ryu

    Apperance: He looks macho and wears a feathery shoulder guard.


      Personality Traits
    • wants to create a stronger Japan by crushing weak dojos (manga version)
    • all show and no true power. it's just a trick.

    Fighting Techniques:
    Matoi Izuna (Wrapping Around Rice Rope)- A strike that creates waves through the ground. Similiar to Kenshin's do-ryu-sen. It can cut trees and rocks in half.

    Tobi Izuna (Flying Rice Rope)- The sword creates a wave of a vacuum, a traveling gap in the air. You can see it by the sword's tip shimmer like heat haze in summer. It's his best attack.

    Appears In: The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 19) and the manga.




    Tsukayama Yutarou
    Tsukayama Yutarou, manga Tsukayama Yutarou, screencap


    Full name: Tsukayama Yutarou
    Weapon: Shinai then a katana then a shinai again ^_^
    Style of Fighting: Shinko then Kamiya Kasshin Ryu

    Apperance: Round, cat-like eyes. In the manga, he's blonde. In the TV series, he has dark brown hair.


      Personality Traits
    • bratty, stubborn, and spoiled
    • child-like
    • Yahiko's rival
    • His nature is like Yahiko’s in that he wants to be strong, but they've taken it in completely different directions. Yahiko wants to be strong to defend his loved ones, Yutarou wants to be strong just to be strong and bully people.

    Raijuuta severes Yutarou's arm nerve because he got in the way when Kenshin and Raijuuta were fighting. He can no longer practice Kamiya Kasshin Ryu. Yutarou decides to go to Germany to seek advanced medical treatment. He fully recovers from the injury, takes up fencing, and comes back to Japan many years later. He acts like a flirt towards Yahiko's girlfriend, Tsubame.

    Appears In: The TV Series (First apperance: Episode 19) and the manga.


    The following information was donated by and Vicky Adams. Thank you


    Tsukioka Tsunan
    Tsukioka Tsunan, manga Tsukioka Tsunan, manga


    Real name: Tsukioka Tsunan
    Nick name: Katsuhiro or Katsu for short
    Occupation: Artist
    Age: About Sano's Age. They never really stated in the show.
    Height: about 177 or 178 cm (about 5 ft. 9 in.)
    Weapons: Bombs that he makes. He used to shoot a cannon in the revoloution when he was in the Sekihotai.
    Apperance: Green eyes, black hair to about mid-back. Flashy and strange clothing- a red coat that hangs over his shoulders, yellow outfit and a green head band.

    Past: He was part of the Sekihoutai and some how managed to stay alive. While with the Sekihoutai he was able to use guns, make bombs, mixed gun powder, and shoot cannons. Sano was his best friend and usually made fun of each other by calling one an idiot and the other a turd. After 10 years, he still has a hatered for the Imperialsts. He wound up being reunited with Sanosuke after 10 long years by a picture he drew with Sano, Sagara, and him. He was able to convince Sano to go with him to try and destroy the Imperialist government. They were both stopped by Kenshin. He lives at Dobu Ita houses.

      Personality Traits
    • serious.
    • pretty calm and quiet.
    • looks sly and is very smart.
    • single-minded and a loner

    Appears In:The TV Series (First Appearance: Episode 23) and manga.



    Saitou Hajime
    Saitou Hajime, manga Saitou Hajime, manga (color) Saitou Hajime, OAV


    Full name: Saitou Hajime (before Meiji)
    Gorou Fujita (after Meiji)
    Nick names: Miburo (means Wolf), Narrow Eyes
    Occupation: secret policeman
    Age: 35
    Birthday: Jan. 1844
    Height: 183 cm (6 ft.)
    Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs.)
    Blood type: O
    Weapon: Nihontou (Japanese katana; Relative Size=26-30 inches)
    Style of Fighting: Mizoguchi Haiitou Ryu

    Apperance: Saitou smokes a lot and he has weird strands of antenna hair in front and demon eyes.


      Personality Traits
    • proud of his warrior spirit
    • always enforces the code "Aku, soku, zan" which is "Kill evil immediately"
    • never doubts his abilties
    • resourceful

    Fighting Techniques:
    Gatotsu (Fang Point)- Not really a technique but a way of standing and holding the Nihontou. The stance itself is done by holding the blade by the hilt in the left hand, and poising the right hand above the tip of the blade. The right foot leads. It can be refined for different situations.

    Gatotsu Ishiki (Fang Point First Stance)- Also called the Hiratsuki Gatotsu (thanks to: Targets are the usually the chest, the neck, shoulders, and head.

    Gatotsu Nishiki (Fang Point Second Stance)- Air to the ground (Saitou's falling). The Nihontou is thrust diagonally from above.

    Gatotsu Sanshiki (Fang Point Third Stance)- Ground to air, meant to intercept a falling opponent from above.

    Gatotsu Zeroshiki (Fang Point Zero Stance)- Performed at point blank range with no leg power by Saitou. Very, very powerful move!

    Taikuu Gatotsu- A combo of the Gatotsu Sanshiki, and if you dodge that, he uses the Gatotsu Nishiki. (thanks to:

    Hirazuki (Parrallel Stab)

    Weak Points of the Gatotsu:
    The right side of Saitou is a dead angle since... A charging attack like Gatotsu makes your field of view considerably narrow while performing it. Therefore, if the opponent slides into the dead angle, you can't avoid a little delay to react.

    Appears In: The TV series, OAV, the movie, and the manga.



    Hiko Seijurou
    Hiko Seijurou, manga Hiko Seijurou, manga (color)


    Real name: Niitsu Kakunoshin
    Nick name: Hiko Seijurou- 13th inheritance (Anyone that learns the ultimate technique takes the name Hiko there have been 13 people before Kenshin began training).
    Occupation: Kenshin's teacher of HMR then a potter
    Age: 43
    Birthday: Nov. 1836
    Height: 189 cm (6 ft. 2 in.)
    Weight: 87 kg (191 lbs.)
    Blood type: O
    Weapon: Shirasaya Nihontou
    Style of Fighting: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, which means "Sword of the Soaring Heavens"

    Hiko always wears a mantle. It symbolizes the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu school. Its basic purpose was to add weight thus, slowing the wearer down. Why would anyone want to do that? Well, all Hiko Seijuros are very strong due to their vigorous training. In peaceful times, they would want to handicap their power. To do that, a mantle was perfect. Hiko usually has a smirk on his face.

      Personality Traits
    • arrogant
    • he feels that no one is equal to him in skill, intelligence, and looks
    • wise
    • compassionate

    Fighting Style:
    Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu techniques. Click for a detailed explaination of HMR.

    Appears In: The TV series, OAV and the manga.



    Yukishiro Tomoe
    Yukishiro Tomoe, manga


    Full name: Yukishiro Tomoe
    Occupation: housewife
    Age: 18 when she met Battousai
    Birthday: Sept. 1846
    Height: 158 cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
    Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs.)
    Weapon: Tanto (knife; Relative size=11 to 15 inches)
    Style of Fighting: She doesn't fight, but she does run around with a little dagger for protection.

    Apperance: Tomoe has deep black eyes. She also wears a purple shawl and hakubaikou (white plum perfume).


      Personality Traits
    • quiet, distantly sad person. She might even seem cold at times.
    • polite like Kenshin
    • "cool beauty"
    Appears In: The OAV and the manga.



    Himura Kenji
    Himura Kenji, baby
    Full name: Himura Kenji
    Literal English Translation: Village Sword Year Roads
    Weapon: Sakaba Tou
    Style of Fighting: Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu

    Apperance: I call him "Mini Kenshin" or "Clone of Kenshin"

      Personality Traits
    • He loves Kaoru but he doesn't like Kenshin very much because he feels that Kenshin should stay in Japan with his family and not run off to war again so he resents being Kenshin's son.
    • He can learn hiten techniques very quickly
    • "Warped genius"
    • "Grows up to be a young man more twisted than Saitou and more egocentric than Shishio."

    Even as a baby, Kenji doesn't like his father
    Who is he?
    Kenshin and Kaoru's son. Eventually, he will fight with Myoujin Shin-ya, the bright and obstinate son of Yahiko and Tsubame, in a duel to decide who will be the keeper of the Hiten Mitsurugi style and of the sakabatou.

    Appears In: Seiso hen and the
    Kenshin Kaden.